What We Do

By combining organic growing methods and cutting edge small farm technology we grow the most flavorful, freshest, nutrient dense, truly local vegetables possible for the Denver area.

And we do it all on less than 1/3 of an acre!

Salad Mix

Salad mix is our specialty. We have several mixes with different combinations of lettuce, mustards, arugula, baby spinach, baby red Russian kale, and more.



The radish is a versatile vegetable. We grow French Breakfast and Easter Egg varieties.



We grow a variety of herbs including Cilantro, Basil, and Parsley.



We offer Touchstone Gold beets as well as Red Ace. Beets are high in Vitamin C and fiber and add nutrient dense sweetness to juices.



We grow a variety of cherry tomatoes, canning, slicing, and some heirloom as well.



We specialize in small coreless carrots. They’re sweet and tender as can be.



Microgreens are some of the most nutrient dense vegetables available and their flavor is outstanding. We grow sunflower, pea, and radish varieties.



We grow winterbor kale. Kale is a renown super food known for it’s dense nutritional profile and it’s a favorite among juice and smoothie drinkers.

Who We Are

We’re James and Anna Thole. We’re first generation farmers whose values have lead us to becoming stewards of the land. Together we hope to inspire individuals to take action and achieve their goals by telling our story in the most transparent way possible. We’re dreamers, entrepreneurs, and admirers of human potential.

We love farming and growing food for our community. If you value local sufficiency and participating in your local economy help us continue to add lasting value to the Denver community.

The Farm

We started building this farm in February of 2017. It’s a work in progress but we’ve come so far in only a couple of months. Scroll through the photos to the right using the slider arrows to view the making of an urban farm. Thank you for sharing our journey. Please come visit us anytime.

Find Us.

Find us every Saturday at Denver’s Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market @ E 1st Ave & University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209. Find us on Sundays at City Park Esplanade Farmer’s Market @Sullivan Fountain, E. Colfax Ave. & Columbine St.
Feel free to email us, phone us, or visit us at the farm. You can find the farm by using our map below.



Come see the farm in action.